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Well... where to start?

Essentially 3Synergy is a christian run/owned/administered network by myself and the people I delegate responsibility of the network to. I always wanted a christian network and I finally managed to create one. The 3Synergy label stands for it's intergrity and honesty for what it is. Each site that falls under the 3Synergy banner either is christian, is run by a christian or fully adheres to christian morals and standards for that is the only condition of the free hosting at 3Synergy.

3Synergy was created on a design scope by the new formed Synerix Studios (A Blending of the 3Synergy and Phoenix Expanse names owned by Joshua Redwood and Hayden Watkins Respectively) . Synerix is a place that hosts all of Hayden's and my own brain childs, from site designs, to artwork to game modifications. Truely blessed am I with a freind like Hayden and I thank him and you that we can showcase here what we love to do everyday.

Each site has it's own unique purpose and reason for being here (which you can find under the sites tab above). Through the grace of God I have been able to keep this site alive and will continue to do so as a place of free hosting for the people that need it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making and maintaining the site. I thank you all for coming here and hope you enjoy the place that I call home.
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